By combining our extensive industry knowledge with deep and discreet search into the competition, SJB identifies individuals with the requisite skills, knowledge and cultural fit who will deliver business impact for our client.

We believe that only certain people can attract and deliver the talent for the organisation’s senior critical hire. At the SJB Group we live and breathe this capability; for both candidate and client our consultants build open and honest relationships that enable effortless dialogue and rapid delivery of results. Our approach is based on the diversity and industry backgrounds of our consultants combined with a proven workflow that focuses on outcomes.

Our heritage is pure headhunting. This approach, combined with the ex-industry experience in our consultants and relentless focus on our markets enables us to engage and entice exceptional talent for our clients. As your ambassador in the market we deliver assignments and campaigns to budget and timescale whilst observing sensitivities, projecting the employer brand and articulating any specific market messaging.

With a mature operating model and robust governance of the end-to-end senior hire process the SJB team works collaboratively with all business stakeholders. Our delivery model is flexible to cater for deep and wide targeting to capture diverse shortlists, essential for today’s board-level agendas.

As true business partners in all our undertakings SJB is at the forefront in forging the most innovative and fair commercial engagements in the industry, by entering into risk share arrangements tailored for our clients’ needs.


The SJB Group pioneered the concept of Critical Hire Outsource (CHO™). This proven offering delivers senior hire as a Managed Business Service as an end-to-end process or within a Hybrid Recruitment Model.

In today’s lean HR environments, CHO™ enables us to undertake the whole of senior hire across business line, operations and central functions. From board executive to subject matter expert we will run the hiring process end-to-end with a focus on service level delivery suited to your business. The SJB on-site CHO™ office can work with a ‘hybrid’ recruitment model or encompass all types of senior placement in the organisation from internals, referrals and direct candidates to strategically head-hunted individuals. In times of transformation we can take on incumbent supplier management as well as the transfer of staff if appropriate.

CHO™ works because we adopt the role of a business service provider and deliver to its SLA and KPI requirements. As a true business partner to its clients, SJB engages with transparent and open arrangements and has a continuous improvement ethos. We subscribe to a Mutual Dependency Model approach whereby our success is geared to that of our client’s end business goals and this leads to enduring partnerships. In this way CHO™ has consistently delivered top line growth, operational effectiveness and profitability in our clients’ businesses.


SJB provides exemplary Market Mapping services to forward looking service organisations that place great emphasis on talent acquisition for strategic succession planning and competitive edge.

We have developed our familiarity of the SITS, BPS and Management Consultancy marketplace through years of front line involvement in senior hire, trusted advisor status with Executive Boards and by tracking diversification within these dynamic sectors.

During this time, we have built and now maintain a comprehensive knowledge-base of organisation structures, company ‘play books’ and crucially the roles and individuals that underpin a company’s operating model. Coupled with a natural ability to engage with the rising star and early stage high performer candidate demographic, SJB is uniquely qualified to assist its clients in strategic resourcing strategy or major future programmed demand.

We leverage our knowledge to undertake specific assignment for clients, services including:

  • Market survey and bench-marking
  • Competitor talent mapping
  • Rising Star identification